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aspect of our lives, and so we expend all of this energy, often using food to try and do that. if we lose five more pounds, i'm going tonight person that i need to be, and we try all these different diets and all these different plans, but they often don't work or if they do they don't last because we're not really get together heart of the matter which is what are we hungry for? and if we have food issues, we're not hungry for potato chips and ice cream, it's for self-full millment in our lives and love. those things only do when we do soul-searching and get connected with god and establish new practices to replace the old habits. >> so in a sense that's what we're driving, you're saying? >> yes. i think oftentimes we're using food to fill a void for something much deeper. it's easier to eat than to do that searching that we need to do. >> how do you handle that guilty feeling? we see it all the time. might see a piece of chocolate and love it and say oh, we can't eat that. how do you handle that? >> right. i love food. i love to cook. my blog even features a foodie friday recipe post wh
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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